3 Types Of Essay You Need A Writing Service For

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All forms of art require exceptional thinking and connection to the inner self. The more you’re connected, the better will be the outcome. An artist transforms his thoughts through hands. He may be a painter, a musician, an author or a motivational speaker.

Essay writing falls within the category of those prestigious art forms. And that’s why essays are quite difficult to write. For some people, essay is the hardest task to do. Ironically, one needs to learn the art as writing is an important part of daily life. Students specially face this challenge quite early in their life and they have to continuously bear it until they pass out from school, college and university.


Apparently, essay writing seems quite easy. And for professionals, it’s fairly easy. They have the ability to create a chain of events in the right manner and create masterpieces at will. Others may find it hard to connect events and transform their thoughts onto the piece of paper.

With the increase of the population of learned people, the problem of essay writing has also increased. Even those with high positions and ranks lack the ability to right fluently and accurately. Isn’t that an irony?

Anyhow, no problem lasts for long and so as this one. Today, students have the aid of custom essay writing online services that have the ability to write all kinds of essays and written assignments. Homework Help Canada is one of the many, and its quite popular too.

There are different kinds of essays:

  1. Thesis-Support Essay

Thesis support essays are most common in colleges. They address an issue, a central question and offers valid arguments in support or against the topic. Students often explain the topic and come up with valid arguments in support of the topic. Normally they relate to their personal experiences in support of the topic.

Thesis support essays are quite helpful in identifying the problems and finding their solutions. They involve critical thinking and analysis of the problem discussed. Students are asked to add evidences from multiple resources.

The essay format looks quite simple. You have to start with the introduction, then explain the topic and your findings in the body, and finally, add conclusion in the end.

  1. Informal Essay

Informal essays are altogether different from traditional essays. If you’re the student of arts or humanities, you may be given a task to write an informal essay. Instead of “top down” approach that starts with a hypothesis followed by reasoning and examples, you have the “bottom up” approach, i.e. starting with your experiences leading to the storyline.

  1. Rationale Essay

Some essays have common elements of informal and thesis-support essays. They are known as rationale essays. In order to write rationale essays, students are given proper guidelines as to how they should start it, what should be included in it and what things are required of them.


No matter what kind of essays you’re finding difficult, you can contact professional essay writers in Canada and discuss your problem confidently. The team of writers promises to keep privacy and they also take the responsibility of the finished material.


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