Making University An Easier Option

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So, you’re considering applying to a university. It’s an idea you’ve contemplated for a while and the time is near when you have to put thoughts and ideas into action. It all may seem pretty much daunting at first, and for some it can be a somewhat stressful situation to be in, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you just know what to do, and when to do it. As with most important matters, it’s in one’s best interests to plan ahead, and be organised to make sure that everything runs smoothly. This will definitely take the edge off of any concerns which you may have regarding certain issues.

Open Days     

University open days are the ideal way for you to gauge whether a university feels right or not for yourself. You may already have a handful of universities in mind and a particular one in which you would like to study at from the get go; and the reasons for your choice could be anything from its reputation, the location, or the courses it offers (or maybe all of these!). So, it’s of vital importance for you to visit the university before you act otherwise (just like you would for a home, which you are going to move into) it just might not feel right and meet your expectations after you arrive, and then you’ll be less willing to stay on there. Applying to university is a big decision, one which will perhaps shape the rest of your life, so getting it right is of the essence.

It may not be possible to make university open days visits to all the universities on your list, but it is suggested that you should try to visit the top three if possible. There are stories out there of people who had certain universities at the top of their list, and after they visited during an open day, they simply had a change of mind!

Here are some tips regarding an open day:

  • First and foremost, check out to see if the university has the course you wish to study. Why would you want to visit a university that doesn’t carry your particular course?
  • Organise a timetable for university visits as they just may happen to be on the same day.
  • Check for an online booking form on their website and book a time. Afterwards, the university will send you more information with a schedule for that day.
  • After arrival on open day, make sure you register. You will then be told where to go for relevant talks and areas of the university, usually with a student guide or university representative.
  • Make notes at presentations, lectures, tours, etc. and take some snapshots. These will all help you to remember which is which after all of your visits. Write down your likes and dislikes about each university.
  • Don’t be shy! Have some questions already prepared and ask them.
  • If you have time, go off campus and check out the university’s surroundings – the nearest town or city.

And so, may your open day be a window into everything which the university has to offer. This is a day which you may have been waiting for a long time to happen, so do your best to enjoy the experience and may good fortune come your way!

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