How To Make The Learning Of Foreign Languages Fun

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Many people consider that English is one of the easiest languages to learn, because it’s grammar is not that difficult compared to other languages whose grammar is a lot more complicated.

Here at  Calgary IELTS test we’ll tell you a few tips on how to learn English more easily. You can also use these tips to learn other foreign languages. It is good to learn as many foreign languages as possible.

1. Use the dictionary. If you do not have an English dictionary, do it yourself. Take a notebook and split the page into 2 or 3 columns. In the first column, write a word in your native language, in the 2 column, write a translation of that word into English, and in the third column (if you have it) write an something that will make it easier for you to remember it.

2. If you do not have a certain word in a dictionary, or your dictionary is not in hand, you can use Google translate. If you do not know how to pronounce this word, simply press the speaker. But you can only translate words with Google Translate. Do not use it to translate whole sentences.

It can be very helpful watching movies and series in English. If you like movies and series, turn on the translation and increase the sound, because listening to a foreign language can be very good for learning it.

3. Do not learn grammar too much. Although the grammar of English is not difficult, first learn the words. Because if you do not have a vocabulary developed, you will not be able to express yourself even if you know the grammar.

4. Try to talk more in the language you are learning. I.e. you should exercise by saying the word in a foreign language.

5. If you are already speaking with someone in a foreign language, talk without thinking. You should not translate the sentence in your head first so that you can only pronounce it in a voice. It can be very disastrous, because the order of the wording is not the same.

6. If you are bored of finding some texts and translating them, try to make a quiz, but instead of using your native language, you write them in a foreign language. Or some similar things that will make the learning process a lot more fun.

Learning a new foreign language can be very beneficial for you job as well as your career. You can advance more and even get bigger salary because of your ability to understand and to speak in a foreign language. There are many companies that collaborate with foreign countries and need employees who speak several different languages. Just remember that it is never too late to learn a new language and improve yourself on so many levels.

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